In DPS, we are currently testing students on high stakes exams.  I came across this article and couldn't agree more.  It stemmed from the question of What is the purpose of education? 

I love working at Dora Moore where it is so diverse.  I love bringing in that diversity to my classroom.  I love learning and teaching new words from different languages.  

We are a global society.  I feel it is important to prepare my students for this global society. Do I still teach to the standards?  Yes.  But I also show them how it connects to the real world.  Do I have to teach how to take a test? Yes.  Because if I don't, I'm not preparing them for global society, which ranks things such as education.  Do I enjoy teaching how to take a test? No.  But it has to be done.  Do I spend all day doing it?  Of course not.  There clearly has to be a balance. (I will say, that I had one student say to me, "I can't wait to take the PARCC". He has an older brother who is currently testing, and doing well. Developing a culture of tenacity and GRIT can help us get of the "testing" hurdle.)

It excites me to see that there is a shift happening.  For instance, in Maryland, a superintendent called for a three year moratorium on standardized testing.  In Washington, schools have started to boycott certain tests.  In Texas, a senator filed a bill that would bring tests from 15 to five in reading, writing, biology, Algebra I and U.S. history in order to graduate.  

I hope the shift continues.  Time will tell.  


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