Today we wrote a friendly letter to Mr. Kocher.  We are very sad that he will be going to different school.  We are going to miss him a lot.  

Today we talked about how our project is different and similar to the projects we have read about.  Share your sentence in the comments.  You can also make a comment on a friend's comment. 

Remember PUNCTUATION and CAPITALIZATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today we wrote our friendly letter to Mrs. Wamsley.  Share one sentence using correct punctuation.  Then comment on a friend's sentence.  

Today we wrote a friendly letter to Xavier.  Share one of your sentences.  Make sure to make a comment on someone else's sentence!

Yesterday, while Ms. Feinman was hard at work on testing students for reading, they worked on Squiggle Stories.  We were all very impressed with Eliza's artwork!

Share your sentences about number grid puzzles.  

Practice typing your sight words!!

Today we wrote a friendly letter to Esther.  We shared in our letters what we like to do with our family and WHY.  We learned to use the word because to explain ourselves better. 
Share one sentence you wrote to Esther and then give feedback to one of your classmates on their post.