Today we wrote a friendly letter to Jayden, to practice the parts of a friendly letter.  

Share one sentence from your letter.

You can give feedback to someone else's comment. 

"I like how ______ used ______."

I like how Ms. Feinman used a period at the end of her sentence. 


  1. you are my friend. we play at the park we have fun to playing . we play i'm your friend.

  1. Do you play with your little brother?

  1. I want to be your friend because you are funny

  1. what do you do at home.

  1. When is your birthday.Do you want to race me.

  1. Jayden you are nice

  1. I am six years' old how old are you.

  1. what cupcakes are they

  1. I like how Oliver used a capital at the beginning of his sentence.

  1. I learned that Jayden like's to watch five nights at Freddy's videos.

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