I hope everyone is enjoying their spring break!  I am spending a lot of time relaxing, reading, writing and doing art work.  Share what you are doing over the break.  Look forward to seeing you on April 8th!

Write one sentence from your letter.  Then, comment on 
a friend's sentence.  Be sure to include the word "because"!

Today we talked about all the books we have read so far for our Kids Care unit.  Write about which book was your favorite.  Bonus: Comment on a friend's writing to share what you liked and what they can work on.  

Pick one word we learned about today relation to solid shapes and describe it!

Bonus:  What is a polygon?

Today we talked about our communities.  We also talked about how we help those communities.  Pick one page from your book to write in the comments section.  Then comment on a friend's writing!

Share your sentence about what you learned during independent reading.  Then, comment on a friend's sentence.  

Today we read Peter's Chair by Ezra Jack Keats.  We talked about how we are going to help our family community.  Write your proclamation in the comments section.  Also, share your thoughts about a friend's proclamation.  

Today we are brainstorming problems and solutions in our classroom community. 
We will be giving awards to our classmates who solve problems to make our community a better place.
Share your brainstorming and comment on a friend's idea!

Today we worked in math centers to learn more about plane shapes.
Write about what you did today and how it helped you with shapes.

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We write friendly letters to friends every Friday! 
Write about how you helped a friend with their letter!

How can you sort attribute blocks?

Today we took a walk around the building to observe community members helping others.  
Write about what you saw and then make a comment on a friend's comment.  

Share what you wrote about today and comment on a friend's comment. 

We are starting our geometry unit this week.  What is one thing you already know about shapes?  

Comment on a friend's comment!

We are beginning our new unit, Kids Care, this week! 

Please write about a time you helped someone and made a difference.  
Then comment on a friend's comment.  What did you like about their writing? What more could they add?

Today we wrote a friendly letter to Harley

Share one sentence you wrote to her in the comments section.  
Bonus: Write about a friend's sentence that you like!

How can you use your math reference book?

What is your opinion of the book, "Not a Box"?  State your opinion and give two reasons.  

Today, Eliza taught us about Baba Marta!  Click here for background information on this interesting holiday from Bulgaria!

Click here for the homework

Don't forget to fill out your child's reading log.  One hundred minutes a week!