8 Tips for Leading a Small Group
  1. You are in charge of someone’s precious child!  Treat them like gold!
  2. Your job at the beginning of the day is to know how you’re going to get them to the end of the day.
  3. Assign students partners.  They feel a sense of responsibility too.
  4. Always count them, every step of the way.  If you start with 5 kids, you want to end the day with them!
  5. Learn your students names.  For safety reasons, students should not wear name tags with their names on them.  They may wear tags that have the school’s phone number on them.
  6. Always – Safety First!
  7. Never leave your students unattended.  Find another chaperone to partner with for the day.
  8. Bring an empty backpack – you may end up carrying all of the lunches.
5 Questions to Ask Before You Leave
  1. Schedule for the day (stick to it and make sure you meet the bus on time).
  2. Teacher’s Cell Phone Number
  3. Plan for taking opposite sex children to the bathroom.
  4. What to do if someone misbehaves or there is a medical emergency.
  5. Will the teacher be walking around or stay in one central location?
Top 10 Tips for Successful Chaperoning
  1. Take 2 Tylenol before you begin.
  2. Drive separately if you can or want to.
  3. Do not ask about or plan on bringing a sibling.
  4. Talk to your own child about appropriate behavior (sometimes they’re the worst – sorry to say!)
  5. Treat your small group like a team.  Say:  Sticking together + great behavior = a great day!  Set high expectations for them!
  6. Adhere to cell phone guidelines.  Only use the phone to contact the teacher or other chaperons, do not use it for personal calls during the day.
  7. Avoid the gift shop!  Do not purchase things just for kids in your group, your child, or any food related items.
  8. If you've never been to the location, do some prep ahead of time.  Look at a map on-line or get a book from the library.
  9. Check their photography rules.  Some children are not allowed to have pictures taken of them.
  10. Watch the clock!
You can do it!  Do not be afraid to ask for help!


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