Sometimes, managing a classroom of 24 six and seven year old students is a lot like herding cats.  

But over the past 10 years, I have learned a few tricks.  Some tricks will work on year, and then the next they don't.  So I always try to be flexible, patient and understanding.  I found this infographic (below) and it has a lot of the practices I use in my classroom.  I do not teach the students to meditate.  But I do teach them many breathing exercises.  

This year, I introduced the Relaxation Station.  Students can ask to go- during independent time. Or, if I know a student needs it, I will send them there.  In the Relaxation Station, I have Play-doh, squishy balls, stretch bands, fabrics with different textures, etc.  This year, it is proving to be very helpful for my students.  

The last item on the infographic is Expect. My expectations are held high for every student, and they all know that.  


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