In first grade, students are learning to identify their emotions and how to deal with them.  Anger, frustration, anxiety are a few that are very hard for first graders to understand. To help students calm down, I have introduced the Relaxation Station.  Students can ask to go there, as long as I am not in the middle of direct instruction.  There are many items at the station (play-doh, legos, candles to smell, textured items, stress balls, etc.)  The students really just wanted to explore today.  

Rules for the Relaxation Station: 
You can only use it, when you really need to calm down (not to get out of doing work, or to play).
One person at a time. 
A limit of 3 minutes.
You cannot go while I am giving direct instruction or there is testing.  

There is an interesting article, "How to Break Free From Life's Irritations".    I am not sure this would work in three days for first graders, but it is very interesting.  

Talk to your child about times they might need to use the relaxation station.  


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