There is no school on Monday due to President's Day.

What can you do with your child on Monday?
The National Education Association has a lot of ideas!

Denver Activities:

  • Free day at the Denver Botanic Gardens: Don't miss the orchid showcase, on exhibit until Feb. 22. 
  • Last day to ice skate at Skyline Park: DPS students are eligible to skate for free with the My Denver Card. 
  • Last day to visit the Denver Dog Show: Tickets are free for kids 12 and under. 
Or watch Kid President!

You will find Ms. Feinman at the tattoo station!  

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Dora Moore Happenings
February 8, 2016
Eventos en Dora Moore
8 de febrero de 2016
Picking Students Up During the School Day:
If a parent or guardian is in need of picking a student up during the school day, please call the office.  We will get the student or students out of class.  Please do not text your child while s/he is in class learning to let them know you are coming to get them.  We are not able to release children to adults who are not listed in Infinite Campus. 
Retiro de alumnos durante el día escolar:
Si un padre o tutor necesita retirar a un alumno durante el transcurso del día escolar, por favor llame a la oficina. Nosotros llamaremos al alumno o alumnos a sus aulas. Por favor, no envié mensajes de texto a su hijo/a mientras esté en clase aprendiendo para hacerles saber que usted pasará a buscarlo. No podemos enviar a alumnos a casa con adultos que no estén autorizados en Infinite Campus.
Sock Hop:
Mark you calendars for the Dora Moore Sock Hop on March 11th 5:30 to 7:30pm.  The DJ is taking requests for music online at:
Sock Hop:
Marque su calendario para el Sock Hop de Dora Moore el 11 de marzo de 2016 de 5:30 a las 7:30. El DJ está pidiendo que se elija la música en línea en :
Dora Moore Hoodie Envy:
The new Dora Moore Hoodies are a huge hit.  We are able to place a second order.  We only need an order of 25.  We will send an order form home in Thursday Folders this week.  Please send your money and form back so we can get you the very loved Dora Moore Hoodie!
La envidia de la Sudadera de Dora Moore:
La nueva sudadera de Dora Moore es un gran éxito. Vamos a poder realizar una segunda orden. Solo necesitamos ordenar 25. Vamos a enviar un formulario de orden de compra en la Carpeta del Jueves esta semana. ¡ Por favor envíe su dinero y el formulario para que pueda obtener la tan adorada sudadera de Dora Moore!
No School, Monday, February 15th for President’s Day:
Enjoy the long weekend!
No hay clases el lunes 15 de febrero por el Día del Presidente:
¡ Disfrute del fin de semana largo!
No School February 29th:
February 29th is a non contact day for students.  Teachers will be working on data and grades.  Enjoy the long weekend!
No hay clases el 29 de febrero:
El 29 de febrero es un día de no contacto para alumnos. Los maestros trabajarán en datos y notas. ¡ Disfruten del fin de semana largo!

Some students went to the parade! (Don't worry- Ms. Feinman has an assignment for the second grader to make up for it!)

This website has 20 great ideas to help your child with spelling words at home!

Click here for the homework calendar for the week of 2-8-16!