Ms. Feinman talked about her trip to Ireland with the class.
Ask the students what they learned about Ireland!  (pssst....I told them about Blood Pudding!)

I hope these students ate until they were full!!  Aviana's salad, carrots and kiwi look yummy!!

Please remember to send in pictures of your family eating healthy food and I will post them on this blog!!!!

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Eating Right and Learning
Every day I walk students down to the lunch room.  Usually, I quickly leave to work on lesson plans, but lately I have been staying to see what kids are eating.  I am shocked to see that kids pick up a milk and the main meal (pizza or pb sandwich, or chicken, etc) and they skip the salad bar!  If they do go to the salad bar, they pick up one baby carrot and maybe a slice of an orange. I also notice students never touch their milk!  A healthy diet is crucial to learning.  If your child is sluggish in the afternoon because they haven’t had a single piece of fruit or vegetables all day, it will hurt their learning. For those families that are fortunate to have the time to pack lunches for your child- don’t forget about those fruits and veggies! 
Staying hydrated is just as important, especially in this dry climate.  Students ARE ALLOWED a water bottle that will not spill, in the classroom.
As adults, we all know how important a healthy diet is.  We are role models for our children. I am guilty!  So I am taking pledge to stop my habit of Sugar-Free Red Bull!  I also pledge to show students the healthy foods I am eating.  PLEASE talk with your children about eating right. I would love pictures of healthy meals you and your family have been eating at home.  Send them my way and I will post them on the blog! I will also take pics of students eating healthy lunches at school!  I posted links on the blog for advice about how to help kids eat healthy, please check them out! 

Wondering about sugar???

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