Five things that happened in Ms. Feinman's class this week. 

We went to the Denver Zoo!  We had so much fun!  Thank you to all the parent volunteers!  It was a beautiful spring day here in Colorado! 
We finished reading The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe!  Students will soon be checking out books from the Narnia series! We are only half-way through the movie because Ms. Feinman only lets us watch a few minutes at a time for a brain break.  
In math, we have been studying three addend addition, quarters, math problem solving strategies and patterns in math facts.  That is a lot of learning!
After learning about key details in text, the students read Respecting Others.  Then, they were given an assessment on key details from that text.  97% of students were Proficient or Advanced! Way to go!
We are so excited for Spring Break!  It officially starts at 3:00pm on Friday!  The students do not return until April 6th.  

Thank you to Kacey for this wonderful idea!  Check out her website here: 


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