1. The girls told me this morning that the most fun thing they are doing in class these days is writing poems. Here's my poem to share...

    I wanted to join you in writing a poem
    About four girls - I'm so glad I know 'em!
    Claire Bear I've known since she was three,
    She's fun & bright, silly as can be.
    Sativa's been here just for a while,
    But I always notice her kind, sweet smile.
    Lauryn keeps me on my toes,
    And she's a wonderful leader, as everyone knows.
    Frida sure can make my day-
    She gives me a hug, and we read & we play.
    I enjoy them a lot & want them to know-
    I'm proud of them as they learn & they grow.

  1. Thank you Ms. Viki!

  1. I like how you wrote your poem about the Open Door kids that are in Ms. Feinman's class.

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