Share one sentence from you friendly letter.

After you post your comment, give feedback to a classmate's comment.  


  1. what do you play outside?

  1. you are my friend.

  1. i like how tessa had a period.

  1. you are a pretty girl

  1. i like how saela cesmrc

  1. Do you like dogs.

  1. I like how saela is nice.

  1. Do you like water?

  1. Do you like cupcakes?

  1. You have cool shoes dude.

  1. I like how salea had a peryid.

  1. I like how Frida put a capital letter and a question mark.

  1. I like how Frida put a question mark

  1. i like how Tessa pot periods .

  1. What is your favorite book?

  1. i like you as a friend

  1. I like how you are nice to me.

  1. How many brothers or sisters do you have?

  1. I like how Saela put a question mark.

  1. I like your style.

  1. Did you know crickets make the noise by rubbing their legs together?

  1. i like how Oliver do a period.

  1. I like how Eli put a capital letter at the beginning of Tessa's name.

  1. i like your glases

  1. I like how I googled MY Baby and this came up.

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