One student went home very excited last night and came back to school this poem:

Writing Station
In the class there's a 
thing called the station,
But not just any station
it's a writing station,
No one cleans it,
All night and day it's messy,
Like writing a messy poem.  

I translated for the spelling. This particular student has excellent handwriting, but purposely made it look bad to match the writing station (she also tends to be the one who cleans up the writing station!) 

Keep writing and reading poems!  Bring them in to share with the class!


  1. I like your poem a lot

  1. i like your poem lauryn

  1. I like how you did a nonfiction poem for National poetry month.

  1. I wrote this poem because April is National Poetry Month.

  1. i like your pom

  1. i like your poem lauryn it is cool best poem can i have that poem pules and you or the best

  1. lets right a poem.

  1. i love your poem i wont to make a poem to

  1. I like how you wrote your poem.I like your hand writing.

  1. i like lauryn post it is funny to me

  1. Lauryn,
    I like your comment! Perfect punctuation and capitalization!
    Ms. Feinman

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  1. Lauryn,
    What a wonderful poem! You are so creative and talented. I can't wait to read more of your writing.

  1. Do you like water?

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