Share one sentence from your friendly letter. 
Then comment on someone else's sentence. 


  1. are you seven.

  1. what is your favorite move.

  1. Is your mom nice .or is your mom really nice.

  1. i like how TESSA Did a good on it...

  1. I like how Jamie put a capital

  1. do you wut

  1. do you want to come to my birthday in july.

  1. do you like to play sport.

  1. you are cid and nis!

  1. What do you like?

  1. Do you like robots?

  1. The crickets make noise by rubbing their legs together.

  1. i like how allison pot her period

  1. I also have glasses for reading.

  1. I like how Frida put an exclamation mark.

  1. What is your cats name?

  1. I give feed back to Oliver because he put a capital letter on the front of his sentence.

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