We have started to work on personal narratives (or as we call them, Small Moments)!  We have been using a graphic organizer to plan our stories.  

Write your story in the comments section.  


  1. One day , my cat went crazy. First, my cat bent down and jumped. Next, the cat jumped to the kitchen and it jumped. Then, my cat went to the trash can and looked for his food. I felt happy because it was funny.

  1. Last nite, I looked at the pictures then I stortid to red
    and red and red and red and
    red and red and red and red and red and red and red.

  1. one day i fand a leff bug me and joize hld it and cath and briyn hld it to whn we laft i crid i felt sande and happy.

  1. i twist my acoll to

  1. One day,my causen was in Town. so we went to a school. they asked him we went outside for an sister played with leaves.

  1. One day, I went fishing in South Carolina, with my dad and brother. First, we saw a crocodile. My dad bothered it. I thought it would come at us but it didn't. 20 minutes after, I caught a fish. Then, we stayed for two hours. It wasn't fun for me. We stayed so long after. We stayed more. Then, we stayed more and more and more. I was so bored I felt like we stayed two more hours! Then, I felt so refreshed that we went home and relaxed.

  1. One day, I went to Applebee's. First, we went inside.Next we got lunch. Yesterday I wanted a snack. My mom said no.I was not happy. I felt mad.

  1. on the way to my anty me and my mom stop for ice cream and my mom got vinella,

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  1. One day I was playing basketball. First Izaya, he made a basket. Next I made a basket. Then Oliver made a basket I felt proud.

  1. one day i pla iwath my dog fi rsthe came in my room thhe saw me i feit happy

  1. One day, I got to go to the beach. I had fun with my family. Suddenly someything happened. It was a whale. It went by us. I waved at it. I felt happy.

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