Today we wrote a friendly letter to Allison.  '

Share one sentence from your letter. 


  1. I am your friend.

  1. I want to be your friend.

  1. I like your hair. My favorite flower is a dandy lion.My favorite letter is A.I have a cat at home.His name is Odye. LOVE LAURYN

  1. I like the zoo.

  1. dearallisonoryoudowegwaleneluordoyoulichotwesordoyoulicaposoroujesorjosdrwudyoulictoplaywehme

  1. I hope you have a good time at ELA.

  1. I'm your friend. Your hair looks cool. You have friends.

  1. Adan, great sentence!

  1. Allison, you have a bright smile!

  1. you are nice

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