Dear Families,

Go Broncos!  Hope you have had a nice weekend!
On Wednesday, I will be introducing analog clocks, as well as talking about digital clocks.  If your family has a clock or watch, that you don't mind being brought to school- I would love for students to share them.  It would be neat for them to see different clocks from different homes.  I teach math on Wednesday at 12:15- so if you wanted to bring it in yourself at that time, that would be great too!  :)  On Thursday, I am teaching telling time to the you can also bring something in then as well. 

On Friday, student will be exploring with straightedges (rulers, or measuring tape) and dominoes.  If you have anything your child could bring for that, that would be great as well.  Students perform better when instruction is tied directly to their life.

Thank you so much for your support!  

Ms. Feinman



    Not sure that went through. -Will

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