Today we wrote a friendly letter to Kelsey!  This is the first time the students have used the blog. Please leave feedback for them!!  


  1. My favorite fruit is strawberries.

  1. Saela, I love how you used a capital and period! I wonder if Kelsey loves strawberries as much as you!

  1. I like watermelons.

  1. I like how Kelsey uses periods.

  1. I like how him put his name.

  1. I like how Allison put a capital K for my name.

  1. Ms. Feinman. It looks like your class knows lots about writing. They are using capital letters and periods correctly. Please tell them that I like pineapple. Have a good day.

  1. I like how Kelsey wrote his story using spelling words.

  1. I like how Kelsey likes space

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