Share one sentence from your friendly letter to Oliver. Then, use the sentence, "I agree with ____ because _____________." 


  1. I like to play lost of games.

  1. I like you because you are nice to your friend.

  1. I like to do the monkey bars with my hands and feet .

  1. do you like mosre

  1. Who is your friend.I agree with marley because she had a period.

  1. I like Madisons because she has a good sentence at the end a period .

  1. What I like most about you is you are smart. I agree with Caleigh because she pot a periods. next time she should mack a logr sentens

  1. Do you love anmlia .

  1. Dear Oliver you are nice i like you as a friends.

  1. You are my bast friend.

  1. I like you because your nice to me and classmates.

  1. mason shod ad a capital an period.

  1. Do you like to eat veche ?

  1. i like you because you are nice to your classmates.

  1. I like Olivias because I like hre pechre you shood add moore to It

  1. I like nour comment it is rile good.

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