Today we wrote a friendly letter to Joselin.
Share one sentence you wrote to her.  Then use the sentence frame: I agree with _________ because ___________________________________.


  1. You are so good at pretending your a dog.

  1. you are nice i like wan you play with me in the mornig.

  1. Do like chines food?

  1. You are my best friend.I agree with marley because she is good at pretending to be a dog

  1. What is your favorite place to go?

  1. Do you like GRAS.

  1. you are nice.

  1. do you like flawrs .

  1. What is your favorite food is it apples.

  1. I like to do the monkey bores with my hands and feet.

  1. Do you like to eat pizza?

  1. I agree with Angels because I think she like pizza

  1. I like you because or my friend.

  1. Are you my friend.

  1. do you like egls?

  1. I agree with Angl because joselin likes petsu.

  1. you are a good a acter.

  1. I like joselih because you are my bast friend.

  1. Do you like sandwiches.

  1. do you like games?


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