Today we wrote a friendly letter to Michael.  Share one of your sentences to wrote to him and comment on a friend's sentence. 


  1. You have a great smile!

  1. Do you like to eat china food?

  1. do you like apple i like apple do you like lego.

  1. Do you like apples?

  1. Do you like minecraft?I agree with j because she had a period

  1. I like you.

  1. I thek you Are nice

  1. i thek you Are nice.

  1. what is your favorite place to go.

  1. I love my toys.

  1. do you like beans? they make me throw up.

  1. I love to joimp rope.

  1. Do you like woofs?

  1. I hope you will be the goodest person ever.

  1. war are gowing naks yer.

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