Dear Families,
During the month of February, I will be having a Shoelace Club.  Each Tuesday morning (7:45-8:05-Room 116) students will watch videos and read books teaching them to tie their shoes.  They will also practice tying their own shoes!  Typically, children can begin to learn to tie their shoes at age 3.  However, for most children they do not master this skill until the age of 6.  I am here to help!  If you would like your child to participate in this club, please fill out the bottom portion of this permission slip. The maximum number of students is 20.  The first 20 signed permission slips I receive will be selected to join this club. 
Thank you,
Ms. Feinman
1st Grade Teacher
Dora Moore


Student Name _____________________Grade Level_____
Parent Name____________________Signature:____________________________
Phone Number:____________________________Email:_______________________

Please check:
______Yes. I give my child permission to participate in the Shoelace Club and will make sure they arrive at 7:45.
_____I will provide my child breakfast at home, or make sure my child eats breakfast in the cafeteria at 7:30. 
_____I would like to volunteer in the Shoelace Club.(optional)
_____I understand the first meeting is at 7:45 on 2-5-13.
_____I will donate old shoes.(optional)
_____I will donate shoe laces. (optional)


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