We will be celebrating the 100th day of school on Tuesday, February 12th, 2013.  We will spend our time doing a variety of fun math activities that incorporate the number 100.  One of the things we would like you and your child to do is a 100-day project.  This project can be anything you can think of that represents the number 100.  This does not need to cost anything.  You can use what you have around the house.  Some examples of projects from the past are; a heart poster with 100 heart candies glued inside or, an ocean scene poster with 100 ocean animal stickers on it, a shirt with 100 buttons glued or sewn on, a cake with 100 candles, or a poster with hand prints that equaled 100.  Be creative!
The projects are due on Friday, February 8thl, 2012.
We are also asking for some donations for the other projects we will be doing in class that day.  Please check off an item that you can donate from the list and send it in by Monday, February 6th.
We also would love to have help on this day.  If you can come in during your child’s math time to help let us know by signing below.
If you have any questions regarding this day, please let us know.  Our celebration will be from 1:30-2:45

Thank you

Name _______________________ Phone #______________________

_____one box of fruit loops or like cereal                   ______mini stickers
_____one box of plan cheerios or like cereal               ______buttons
_____a bag of raisins                                                  ______gummy bears
_____red hots                                                             ______shelled peanuts
_____popcorn (popped)                                                ______heart candies
_____skittles                                                               ______ M&M’s
_____oyster crackers                                                  ______ pretzel sticks
_____chocolate chips                                                 
_______mini-marshmallows                                          ______goldfish

I am available to volunteer______      


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