The students had a terrific day.  Thank you to all the parents that stayed to help with breakfast and read with the kids!

Leander did come to visit us. He will be gone for two weeks because his full time nurse needs to be trained. ALL the students wanted to talk to him and say, in sign language, "I am your friend".  

As a class, we came up with line rules:
1. Arms folded
2. Stay quiet
3. Stay in your spot.  (My line leaders were excellent helpers in holding up the signs!)

We also learned bathroom rules:
1. Stay quiet
2. 1 squirt of soap
3. 2 waves (2 pulls of the paper towels)
4. Do your business and come out!

The students also heard a story about a monster who came to school.  Ask them to tell you about it. 

At the end of the day, Mr. K came to our room for technology.  He did wonderful warm up exercises with the students and played a game to learn their names.  The students are very excited about using iPads and chrome books in the future!

I wish I had pictures to share of our first day!  If you took pictures of your child, please email them to me (if you want), so I can post them here on the blog.

This is Lauryn reading in the morning.  She was so patient while I tried to figure out breakfast in the classroom!

What a great start to the year!


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