I am always looking for ways to communicate with parents better, motivate students and track behavior.  I started using Class Dojo last year.  I had great success with it.  The students and parents loved it.  Parents were able to check their smart phone at the end of the day to see how their child did.  I use my smart phone throughout the day, easily giving points, or taking away points based on certain categories such as:
Line Behavior
Bathroom Ettiqute
Carpet Behavior
Helping Others
Team Work

As long as you have access to the internet, you can track your child's progress.  And if you do not have internet, I have the ability to make printouts of the reports so you can view them.  I am can chat live with you via our smart phones.  It is a wonderful tool.  I hope you will join me in using this tool to help better your child's education.

More information will be given on the first day of school so that each family can sign up.  (It is FREE!) You can also visit for more information.

Here is a video that might provide more information:


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