We are beginning our new unit, Kids Care, this week! 

Please write about a time you helped someone and made a difference.  
Then comment on a friend's comment.  What did you like about their writing? What more could they add?


  1. At reses I helped oliver wen he got hurt.

  1. I Helped Marley When she got hurt on the steps and she scraped her knee.

  1. When Goda lost her ladybug I helped her look for it. I tried to cheer her up. She missed her lady bug.

  1. I was not looking where I was going I accidently noked logen over. I helped Logan get up. I asked are you ok. Logan said yes. I was really happy.

  1. I like how Maya tried to cheer up Goda. That shows how kids care.

  1. I met a friend at the perk . she had a wand when she left she left her wand ! so I picked it up and kept it until I saw her and I did so I gave it to her . she made a star in the sand and gave it to me.

  1. I like being a part of my family community, because we all love each other.

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