Share your sentence about what you learned during independent reading.  Then, comment on a friend's sentence.  


  1. one thing I learned was summer. and butrflis . and srige n

  1. One thing I learned was a little boy and his family was with him sister was playing.

  1. A Great Hunter can turn its head all the way urand

  1. One thing I learned was a new elephants. I like the way Caleigh yost nachr.

  1. One thing I Learned were dogs

  1. One thing I learned was bats migrate in winter.

  1. I like Angelinas comment.

  1. One thing I learned is bmble bees have three small eyes.

  1. one thing I lernd was about fish.

  1. One thing i learned was supdreuols owas save the day.I liked olivias commit.

  1. I learned that there are more then 100cinds of bats.

  1. I like oliveos comment cos she yost bats.

  1. one thing i learned was you cud be friend with sumbute dot be men to tham av they dot won to play with you.

  1. one thing I learned was about fish that swim and that they are in grops

  1. i like olier is comment because he had perit and capito lader.

  1. i liket nors comment

  1. Owl,s can Hear From high in the sky, an Owl can Hear a tiny Mouse.

  1. I like Mayas, she worked heard on it.

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