Write about what you learned about The Voting Process today.


  1. I learned that the president is the leader of the country.

  1. I learned that black people used not be allowed to vote. Men were only allowed to vote. A girl voted and was sent to jail. Then they decided girls could vote.

  1. voteing is inpornit.

  1. vot for brok obomu.

  1. In sodora arabia, we dednt vote, but we hd a king.

  1. i lond about wepubl lins hlap awrw cusr by wrking vwe hond wiy do we hav a wepub lin mabe we hav a wepub linb becus he hlaps the wrdrw evin in colwodrw.

  1. I learned that there are a lot of people voting at the church right across the street from Dora Moore. I saw many neighbors while I was dropping my ballot off. Voting is awesome!

  1. i lrened about the democrat wich is obrocoboma and a repoblicin wich is mitromy.

  1. vote on elecshan day. thats today.

  1. i lrnd abuwt the presedet didit let the girls vote.

  1. vot on elecshon day.

  1. Thank you for posting what you have learned about voting! It still amazes me that women have only been allowed to vote in the United States for 83 years!

  1. It is so great to see you students learning about voting and elections. I'm proud of you! Voting is SO important. Great work!

  1. I am so excited to see our first graders learning so much about voting. Just wait in 11-12 more years it will be your turn!! Keep up the great job!

  1. Great Posts First Graders! Now, when are they gonna let kids vote!

  1. i learned that who we vote for we don't have to tell who we voted for

  1. nevr tell some one ho you are voteing for becose sometims your frend gets mad

  1. obama is a prasint becaues he is a leader

  1. Good job on learning how to vote. Remember every vote counts and it is very important to vote.

  1. It is wonderful to see that Mrs. Feinman's class is learning all about voting!!! I loved seeing pictures of you casting your ballot!

  1. As we saw in the classroom election, as well as in the Presidential election, every vote counts. Great job today learning about the election process!

  1. When we vote it is a secret ballot.

  1. the presudint is inthoth uf the cunthry

  1. the elecshin wase cool oboma wun

  1. oboma won last night.

  1. i lernd that obama is the presadent. now did you no that at all huh?

  1. when we vote what presenthas who has the most they win

  1. I lrnd mr obomo won.

  1. obama wn u trd prdt the ugn utdu imh ob mhpe mmmey

  1. I wanted to be a prasdid, bit I amaprisod sadorab

  1. i lren that broc obumu wum.

  1. i lerd that the presudit respect the pepol

  1. a presudit is a ledr. becuss it is arepeccfol,.

  1. I watched that mitt romney lost.

  1. obom wun today

  1. i lrnd that voting is importint because it is good to vote

  1. i lrnd about that the voteing is good because voteing is fun to vote

  1. Thank you all for posting. It was fun interacting with the class during the day. Good job everyone!

  1. It is wonderful to see all your posts about the election! Fantastic job first graders! :-) Ms. Yeager

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