Mrs. Turner came to our class today and read the book Enemy Pie.  The class talked about bullying.  Write about what you learned about bullying.  OR write about what YOU can do if someone is bullying you or you see someone bullying you.



  1. if sumwun boles you then you stand up to them.

  1. i sao saman bolee a person, i could stand up and say "stop bullying that person."

  1. bully is not nice and funny

  1. dont bole bekos it hrts my felngs. if he dosnt stop tll the techr.

  1. you can sau to stop two tiu

  1. Bullying is not cool. I tell the teacher, then I tell the principal. The bullies had to sit on the wall.

  1. stop boleing becos it will hurt others feelings

  1. stand up for peple ohw are being bullying.

  1. i lrnde that bolleinge is not good . or not nis .

  1. i lrnd that boling is not nis it mit mak sumwun sad.

  1. i lrnd that do not buiiy .

  1. Wow boys and girls!! It "fills my bucket" to know that you learned so much from the lesson this morning. Keep up the great work!

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