Today we wrote a friendly letter to Ms. Debbie.  Share one sentence from your letter.  Then, give feedback to someone's comment.  


  1. you are really cool ms. Debbie

  1. I like now you are a nurse

  1. You are a good nurse to Leander.

  1. You are so helpful.thanck you.

  1. i m, so happy to do a friendly letter to you.

  1. you are os nice.

  1. I like how edith put a pairad.

  1. i like how OLIVER did good on it.

  1. Do you like being a nurse.

  1. you are really nice.

  1. YOU are a good nurse. YOU are a go friends. relly fnny thark you for you,r hellp.

  1. I like how Sativa put a Capital

  1. Do you like being a nurse?

  1. I shared with Akiva and Neshamah. Mrs. Buschman's kids who are visiting the classroom today.

  1. I dont want you to lev.

  1. Staiva put a period.

  1. SATIVA because.she

  1. tommorow is my mom's birthday I'm going to give her a speshal gift.

  1. you are nice

  1. I like how edith put capital letters

  1. I gave feed back to XeNory because she did a good gob.

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