Share one sentence from your letter to Jazmine.
Then give feedback on someone else's sentence. 


  1. I like your crazy hair

  1. I am happy you are our v s p

  1. I like how Oliver put a capital letter.

  1. i gave feedback to Izaya

  1. I think you are cute .

  1. i love your clos and har and shoes.

  1. i like yor har. I want my har like that.

  1. I love love love chuahuahs.

  1. Jaime did good with pereids.

  1. i Love my mother.

  1. I like how Oliver said I like your crazy hair.

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  1. I WANT to be friend ,s and do You WANT to the mavie

  1. do you nut to deu my friend,s

  1. you are a good lishnr i like yourlisunei

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