We have been working on character analysis. 


We are working on analyzing characters to better understand what we have read.

Share a character trait about Arthur that you wrote.

Use these sentence stem to comment on a friends sentence:

I agree with ____________because_____________.

I disagree with ______________because_________.


  1. Arthur could not find his glasses.

  1. I disagree with Ms. Feinman because he tried to lose them on purpose.

  1. Arthur thought the girls bathroom was the boys bathroom.

  1. I agree with Jayden, because he wasn't wearing his glasses. He counted wrong.

  1. Arthur put his glasses in his lunch box.

  1. I agree with Lauryn because Arthur didn't want anyone to make fun of him with his glasses on.

  1. He felt awful;.

  1. I agree with Saela because Arthur's friends were making fun of him.

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