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Each day, students will start with their clip on Ready to learn! They can either move their clip to the right or left based on their behavior. Each square has a color. I will put the color their clip was on for the day in their homework folder. You will always know how your child’s behavior was for the day!

If they are given a warning, they will move their clip to warning. If they continue to have behavior problems they will go to the Thinking Chair. The Thinking Chair is a place where they sit removed from their classmates. They must write what they did wrong and what they can do next time. If they continue to have behavior problems then I will contact you.


When I notice a student doing what is expected I will ask them to move their clip to the left. Students are given high praise when they do the right thing. They will be given special rewards and prizes like stickers, extra computer time, parties, and treats the more often they stay to the left.

Each day is a NEW day! If your child has a bad day, it is ok! He or she starts fresh the next day! Always focus on the positive things your child does!


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